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Album Covers and Artists views both allow you to browse your library using images. They are effectively different versions of the same thing; they even share the same Customize Panel Settings.


Album Covers View

Album Covers view

Artists View

Artists view

Customize Panel Settings[]

This screen can be opened from the Main Panel Menu by choosing "Customize Panel Settings" (the last menu item), or by going to Preferences > Layout (1) > Configure Views (button) > Artwork (tab).

Configure Views - Artwork

fields displayed

You can choose which fields MusicBee uses to label each album/group, and you can customize the font used for each line.

merge fields (so long text wraps to the next line)

If this option is checked, and field (fe. Artist) does not fit under thumbnail, it is wrapped to the next line. Wrapping is not done, if the field is in the last line (it is truncated then). Next field is placed in the line where wrapped item ends, after semicolon and space. Wrapping is done on characters (so that one word can be split between lines).

fit artwork to the size of the panel

If this option is checked, MusicBee optimises thumbnails display, so that that they always fit width of the main panel. That means,  that thumbnail sizes can be not the exact size you might expect. For example, when using thumbnail size slider, thumbnails will be changed in visible steps, because MusicBee adjusts thumbnail size on the fly, so that thumbnails completely fill main panel.

overlay fields inside the artwork

If this option is selected, fields are displayed overlayed on a thumbnail, in its bottom part. This option is only available when the "fit artwork to the size of the panel" option is ticked. Otherwise, fields are always displayed under the thumbnail.

display fields below artwork

If this option is selected, fields are displayed under a thumbnail. 

fill text background

If this option is selected, background color for the fields is grey, not the default main panel background color.

show tracks at the bottom of the main panel

If this option is selected, main panel is split into two parts, and the bottom one contains all tracks for selected thumbnail. This disables drilling down thumbnails (that is, you can change contents of the thumbnail display only with grouping/sorting options, not with double-clicking a thumbnail).

always show the tracks using Track Details layout

If this option is selected, tracks are always displayed in Track Details view. If this option is not selected, and a thumbnail represents something other than a single album, Album and Tracks view is used.

when albums are grouped by artist:


show artist picture  
show album covers


show album count


use Artwork layout to show albums for an artist


when an album picture is double clicked:


show album contents  
play album


always stop playback at the end of the album


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