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Normalizing Playback Volume Edit

Analyze Volume

analyze Volume

MusicBee can analyze your music files and calculate the volume adjustment needed to normalize the playback volume. Two values can be calculated:

  • The adjustment needed to play the track at the same volume level as other tracks that have been analyzed. This will result in all analyzed tracks playing at the same volume level.
  • The adjustment needed to play albums at the same volume level, preserving the relative volume level between tracks in each album. This will result in all albums playing at the same volume level. For the album level to be calculated correctly you need to have selected all tracks in the album when using this tool.

The calculated values are stored in Replay Gain tags which MusicBee and other software music players can read and use to adjust the volume level at playback time. No adjustment is made to the sound data in the music file itself (unless you choose the permanent adjustment option) and the tags can be removed.

alert when the replaygain adjustment would cause clipping

(Default: unticked)

minimise to status bar when volume analysis starts

(Default: ticked) When ticked MusicBee will automatically minimise this window and run as a background task. Double click on the status bar to re-open this window.

Restore Original Volume Edit

The "Restore Original Volume" tool will remove all replay gain tags from the music file.

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