Report a Bug Edit

Bugs must be reported on the MusicBee Forum. Please be sure you apply the Latest Update before reporting a bug.

Please provide as many details as possible, including any of the following that may be applicable:

  • Version of MusicBee
  • Operating System or device
  • Steps to reproduce error
  • Any error messages that occur
  • A screenshot of the problem
  • Error log
  • Settings file
    • This can be found in the Help Menu
    • Be sure to remove your username and password from the file
    • Upload the file somewhere such as
    • Provide a link to this upload

Known Issues Edit

  • A crash may occur when deleting a file while MB is in the process of downloading album art or lyrics for it. It is a problem with the .NET library. Forum Thread.
  • Right panel in pop-up mode loses its shadow when lyrics are edited. This is a problem with Windows and can't be fixed. Forum Thread.
  • The 'Locate in Library' command has problems when switching between libraries. Forum Thread.

Report bugs on the MusicBee Forum only. This page is not monitored by the developer.

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