If you're coming to MusicBee from iTunes, many of your files may already have iTunes compilation, podcast, or audiobook tags. MusicBee has special handling for these tags, and if you're not coming from iTunes you may want to add them to your files anyway. Here's how.

Compilations Edit

Compilations are the simplest case:

  • Right click on any track or group of tracks and choose "Edit"
  • Go to the Settings tab of the Edit window
  • Check the box by iTunes Compilation (if you have multiple files selected you will also need to change the drop box value to Yes)

Done! You can undo it by reversing the last step.

Podcasts Edit

Marking or unmarking podcasts requires either configuring a new Custom Tag or using the Tag Inspector. We'll cover the tag inspector method:

  • To unmark a podcast, find the "PODCAST" tag and delete it.
  • To mark a podcast, create a new tag called "PODCAST" and set its value to 1.?

See also: Importing Podcasts from iTunes

Audiobooks Edit

MusicBee recognizes files as audiobooks if they are in the Audiobooks library. You can drag and drop files in the Audiobooks library, or right-click on the file, choose "Send to", and select "Audiobooks".

iTunes audiobooks work like podcasts, using the "iTunes Media Type" ("stik") tag, whose value is "Audiobook". Note that "stik" is an MP4 tag (not an ID3v2.3 or ID3v2.4 tag), and it is not available for editing in MusicBee.