Up-to-date with version 3.0.5900

Controls Edit

Controls Menu

Controls Menu

Turn on Auto DJ Edit

Starts (or stops) Auto DJ with current settings.

Can be assigned a Hotkey.

Previous Track Edit

Hotkey: Ctrl+B

Skips back 1 track.

Play/Pause Edit

Hotkey: Ctrl+P

Pause or resume the current track.

Stop Edit

Hotkey: Ctrl+S

Full stop of the current track (forgets current location and releases file).

Next Track Edit

Hotkey: Ctrl+N

Skips forward 1 track.

Stop After Current Edit

Playback will stop when the current track ends. The next track is loaded in the player but doesn't start.

Can be assigned a Hotkey.

Equalizer / DSP Effects Edit

(Default: off) Toggles Equalizer & DSP Effects as configured in the Equalizer window.

Scrobble Edit

Sends play count data to [] (requires a account and the Plugin). This will only scrobble new plays; it can't add past play counts.

Repeat Edit

(Default: on) Toggles repeat of current Playing Tracks list.

Shuffle Edit

(Default: off) Toggles standard shuffle (not Auto DJ).

Crossfade Edit

(Default: off) Toggles crossfading as configured in Player Preferences.

Replay Gain Edit

Only one can be selected:

  • Off: don't use Replay Gain tags
  • Smart Gain: (Default) allow MusicBee to decide which Replay Gain tags to use
  • Track Gain Only
  • Album Gain Only

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