Author: beehive

I recently came across a bunch of files where the "Artist" field had the featuring artist in its field for example "(Artist) John Mayer Ft. Norah Jones - (Title) Some Song". So basically I want to copy everything and including "Ft." in the "Artist" field to the "Title" field to look like this "(Artist) John Mayer - (Title) Some Song Ft. Norah Jones".

Step 1
Create a new ASR preset: search for ^.*?Ft\.(.*) in "Artist" tag and replace by Ft.$1 in some temp tag (e.g. custom9).
Step 2
Copy temp tag to Title tag and tick "Append source tag to the end of destination tag".
Step 3
To remove the "Ft. Norah Jones" in the Artist tag see here.

Note that "Ft." can be replaced with other common words such as "Feat" or "Feat." or "Ft" or any other word depending on your situation. Just thought this might come in handy for others who run into this situation, as you can see it saved me hours of manual editing.