Author: beehive

First get Additional Tagging and Reporting Tools plugin.

To cover one last situation so far I encountered, I ran into "(Artist) Ft. Norah Jones - John Mayer - (Title) Some Song" So what I want to do is copy everything before the - in the "Artist" Field to the "Title". Field to look like this "(Artist) John Mayer - (Title) Some Song Ft. Norah Jones".

Step 1
Copy everything before the "-" in the Artist field to some temp tag. Create a new ASR preset: search for ^(.*?).s*-.* in the containing (Artist in this case) tag and replace by $1 in some temp tag (e.g. custom9).
Step 2
Copy temp tag to Title tag and tick "Append source tag to the end of destination tag placing between them a space".
Step 3
To remove the "Ft. Norah Jones" in the Artist tag see here.