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General Preferences

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(Default: English (UK)) Choose one of MusicBee's available Languages.

check for updates on startup

(Default: unticked) Tick to allow MusicBee to check and alert you of more recent versions. (This detects official releases only. If you really want the newest available version, see Latest Update.)

show splash screen on startup

(Default: ticked) Untick to disable the splash screen on startup.

minimise to

Choose how you want MusicBee to behave when you use the minimise button:

start minimised

(Default: unticked) MusicBee will start in its minimised form.

Select Icon

(Default: File:MusicBee.ico) Choose any .ico file to use as the icon displayed within MusicBee. If you wish to change the icon used in other locations, see Icons.

Notification Tray Edit

always show tray icon

(Default: ticked) When ticked, MusicBee will always display in the notification tray area. If unticked, MusicBee will only display in the notification tray when minimised and the 'minimise to notification tray' option is ticked. You might want to use the MusicBee notification tray icon for right-click access to useful commands.

single click action
double click action

Choose what response you want when you click on the notification tray icon.

Same options for both:

  • Show Main Window (Default: double click)
  • Show Mini Player
  • Show Track Information (Default: single click)
  • Play/Pause
  • Set Volume

file types Edit

enable MusicBee in Windows Explorer and context menus

(Default: ticked, except for portable installations) MusicBee is made the default music player for the ticked extensions - double clicking a file from Windows Explorer will play the file in MusicBee, and right clicking the file will provide options to play the file now, queue it next or queue it last.

To activate this setting or change file types, you need to run MusicBee as an administrator.

confirmations Edit

(Default: ticked (all)) Unticking any of them will disable MusicBee's confirmation dialog for that action.

  • warn when duplicate tracks are added to a playlist
  • warn when files are not reorganized due to missing tags
  • confirm pasting tags from one file into another file
  • confirm permanent file deletion (using SHIFT delete)
  • confirm removal of files from playlists
    • include option to permanently delete the removed files
  • confirm picture storage options when adding artwork
  • confirm deletion of artwork that is no longer referenced
  • confirm removal of dead links when rescanning library


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