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Up-to-date with version 3.0.5903

MusicBee offers over 150 assignable hotkey commands, only some of which are configured at installation. The full list can be found on the Hotkeys page of Preferences.

Hotkey Configuration[]


To assign a new hotkey or change an existing one, click the command you want to assign in the list, press the key or combination of keys you want to associate with it, then click the Assign button. If you attempt to assign a key that is already assigned to another command, you will see a warning icon and MusicBee will give you a confirmation dialog when you click Assign.

A global hotkey is one which works even when MusicBee is not the active program.

All hotkey commands can also be assigned as command buttons.


These are the hotkeys assigned when MusicBee is installed.

Action Hotkey
Edit: Amend Clicked Column F2
Edit: Configure MusicBee Preferences Ctrl+O
Edit: Copy Tags and Artwork Only Ctrl+C
Edit: Custom Search Ctrl+F
Edit: Edit Tags Shift+Enter
Edit: Paste Copied Tags Ctrl+V
Edit: Select All Ctrl+A
File: Remove (Delete) Delete*
File: Remove (Hard Delete) Shift+Delete*
File: Rescan/Add Files Insert
General: Refresh F5
Multimedia: Next MediaNextTrack (global)
Multimedia: Play/Pause MediaPlayPause (global)
Multimedia: Previous MediaPreviousTrack (global)
Multimedia: Stop MediaStop (global)
Now Playing: Start/End Bookmark Ctrl+D
Playback: Play Next Track Ctrl+N
Playback: Play Now Alt+Enter
Playback: Play/Pause Ctrl+P
Playback: Previous Track Ctrl+B
Playback: Queue Last Ctrl+Enter
Playback: Queue Next Ctrl+Shift+Enter
Playback: Stop Ctrl+S
Player: Volume Down Ctrl+Alt+Down
Player: Volume Mute On/Off Ctrl+Alt+V
Player: Volume Up Ctrl+Alt+Up
Rating Now Playing: 0.5 stars Down Ctrl+Alt+NumMinus
Rating Now Playing: 0.5 stars Up Ctrl+Alt+NumPlus
Rating Now Playing: 0 stars Ctrl+Alt+0
Rating Now Playing: 1 stars Ctrl+Alt+1
Rating Now Playing: 2 stars Ctrl+Alt+2
Rating Now Playing: 3 stars Ctrl+Alt+3
Rating Now Playing: 4 stars Ctrl+Alt+4
Rating Now Playing: 5 stars Ctrl+Alt+5
Rating Now Playing: Unrated Ctrl+Alt+-
Rating Selected Tracks: 0.5 stars Down Alt+NumMinus
Rating Selected Tracks: 0.5 stars Up Alt+NumPlus
Rating Selected Tracks: 0 stars Alt+0
Rating Selected Tracks: 1 stars Alt+1
Rating Selected Tracks: 2 stars Alt+2
Rating Selected Tracks: 3 stars Alt+3
Rating Selected Tracks: 4 stars Alt+4
Rating Selected Tracks: 5 stars Alt+5
Rating Selected Tracks: Unrated Alt+-
Tabs: Close Tab Ctrl+W
Tabs: Create New Tab Ctrl+T
Tools: Analyze Volume Ctrl+Shift+V
Tools: Auto-Organize Files Ctrl+R
Tools: Auto-Tag by Album Ctrl+Shift+T
Tools: Auto-Tag by Track - Update Tags Ctrl+L
Tools: Rip CD Alt+R
View: Show Now Playing Assistant Alt+J (global)
View: Show Now Playing Track Finder Alt+F
View: Show Tag Manager Alt+E
View: Show Visualizer Full Screen F11

Delete and Shift+Delete are assigned as hotkeys but are not in the list because they cannot be reassigned. Delete acts like the Delete menu command (Remove, in playlists). Shift+Delete will remove selected tracks from playlists and the library and send the files to the Recycle Bin. Whether you get a warning for this will depend on your Confirmation Settings.

Mouse Buttons[]

The left mouse button, right mouse button, and mouse wheel behave pretty much as you would expect in any Windows program. Context menus can be accessed with the right mouse button in almost any part of MusicBee.

center mouse button

These shortcuts are not listed, but may be helpful to know:

  • Using the center mouse button on a track in the main panel will filter your library by whatever tag you clicked on.
  • Using the center mouse button on any of the Navigator nodes or playlists will open that section of your library in a new tab.
actions for 5 button mouses

The options for additional mouse buttons are:

  • Default
  • Playback: Previous (left) or Next (right) track (Default)
  • General: Navigate Back (left) or Forward (right)


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