Author: Hein

The following applies to the Android 4.0 standard music player:

  1. Make sure covers/artwork is shown correctly for each song in MusicBee
  2. I'm not sure if it is important, but in your general MusicBee preferences on Tags(1) set the format to ID3v2.3 and check the box to also save ID3v1 Tags, if this does not work for you
  3. You can store all titles on your Android device (like my Galaxy Nexus) directly into the "music" folder, so no need to create subfolders per album or so. To achieve this, leave the MusicBee preferences for your device in the input field file naming blank
  4. In the preferences of your device under Cover saving choose to have the pictures being saved within the same folder as the titles themselves. Instruct MusicBee to rename them to <Title>-<Artist>

Your device preferences should look like this:

Ht android covers 1

Now, when you sync your device with MusicBee it should show all covers per title.