Author: plan

If you have moved from iTunes to MusicBee, you may find that not all of your podcasts have come across.

Using the Podcast Directory in Music Bee is not very user friendly, so here is an easier way to import and subscribe to Podcasts that you already have in iTunes.

First of all, open iTunes and go to the directory of the podcast you want to add to MusicBee. Right click on any recent episde of the podcast and choose "Copy Podcast URL".

Now switch to MusicBee, click on Podcasts and right-click below the list of existing Podcasts (if you have any). From the box select "New Subscription". The Create Subscription box will open. Right-click in the "podcast/blog url:" box and choose "Paste".

MusicBee will then look up the details of the podcast, including the name, description and category. As soon as it's found them, just click "Save".