Up-to-date with version 3.0.5976

Internal Browser Edit

The internal browser has been replaced by the Web Browser Plugin.

Preferences Edit

Preferences Internet

proxy settings Edit

use proxy server

(Default: unticked) Tick this option when your computer connects to the internet via a proxy server.


Enter the host name address e.g. 89.342.223.45


(Default: 80) Enter the port of the proxy


Enter a username if your proxy server requires authentication.


Enter a password if your proxy server requires authentication.

downloads Edit

maximum simultaneous downloads

(Default: 5) Enter the maximum number downloads MusicBee is allowed to run simultaneously. Additional downloads will be queued until a slot is free.

music files

(Default: Downloads\) Enter a folder and template for downloaded music tracks to be saved under.


(Default: Downloads\Artwork) Enter a folder and template for downloaded artwork to be saved under.

custom web links Edit

Configure up to six web links, using templates to create targeted URLs. Links can be accessed by right clicking in Track Information, the Now Playing Bar, the Now Playing Node, or the Compact Player. If you have the Web Browser Plugin enabled, MusicBee will open the links there; otherwise it will use your default browser.

These links are preconfigured for you:

The Track Information panel also supports these links directly in the panel:

  • artist profile on Wikipedia
  • artist news on Google News
  • music blogs [about the artist] on

If you still need more links, you can add them by using your browser as an external application.

There is a list of suggestions for web links at Web Encyclopedia List.


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