Abeille musique?   ミュージカル蜂?  Apis musica?  Muziek bij?  Μουσικά μέλισσα?  Abelha musical?  Музыкальная пчела?

The language files that can be downloaded (indirectly) via the links below may not be for the latest edition of MusicBee. For up-to-date information on the support for different languages, please go to the Translation File Status thread in the MusicBee forum.

Anyone interested to volunteer to translate, or assist someone on a language file please send Steven a PM via the MusicBee forum's message service.

British English is the standard language for MusicBee. Most of the following languages are also included in the install package. Links are to the forum thread where possible, otherwise to a download of the language file.

Changing the Language Edit

To change MusicBee to a different language, see General Preferences.

How To Change the Language in MusicBee (windows)

How To Change the Language in MusicBee (windows)

Available LanguagesEdit

  • English (UK): standard

Help Wanted Edit