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Lyrics Plugins

Synchronized Lyrics

Unsynchronized Lyrics

Creating Synchronised Lyrics[]

MB allows the user to create synchronised lyrics manually.

  • Open lyrics panel, right click and select "Edit Displayed Lyrics"

Edit Displayed Lyrics.png

  • Play the track and press Ctrl-T to insert a timestamp when appropriate (1 timestamp per paragraph, automatically jumps to the next)

Create Timestamp.png

  • When everything is done, don't forget to save the edited lyrics (right-click and select "Save Lyrics into Music File")

Save Lyrics.png

  • Lyrics in a floating window offers a more user-friendly editing mode, but all the functions are basically the same as with right/left side panel.

Floating Window Lyrics.png

  • If pressing Ctrl-T with left hand feels inconvenient, assign a different hotkey to "Edit: Hotkey to insert timestamp in synchronised lyrics."

Show Files with Missing Lyrics[]

MusicBee has a built-in tagging tool which is very helpful when looking for tracks without lyrics. You can also use an Auto-Playlist to find files without lyrics.

Using the built-in tagging tool[]

This can be done from any node - the entire music library, a library that has a filter applied, a static or auto-playlist, etc.

  • Select the node in which you want to find files without lyrics.
  • Go to Tools > Tagging Tools > Show Files with Missing Lyrics:
  • Once you click on "Show Files with Missing Lyrics" the main panel changes to Track Details and shows all the files without lyrics:
    2016-03-16 15-37-53.jpg

Using an Auto-Playlist to find files with no lyrics[]

  • In the Navigator, right-click on Playlists and select New and then New Auto-Playlist.
    New Auto-Playlist.jpg
  • Enter a name for the new Auto-Playlist (i.e. No Lyrics)
  • The Auto-Playlist configuration window opens.
  • Indicate the Source that will be searched for files with no lyrics. You can choose from a library (the entire library or a filtered one,) a playlist (static or auto,) or folders on your computer.
  • Track Detail view works best for this auto-playlist so you can see each individual file.
    Display Using.jpg
  • Using the drop-down menus in the match section, select "Lyrics?" and "has no value"
  • Click Save and your new Auto-Playlist is now populated. Now you can add lyrics from any view or node, to any file that is missing them, and that file will be automatically removed from the auto-playlist. Any new files that you add to your library which do not have lyrics will be automatically added to the auto-playlist.

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