Up-to-date with version 3.0.5908

Menu Layout Edit

Menu as Button

Show as Button

Menu in Caption Bar

Show in Caption Bar

Menu below Caption Bar

Show Below Caption Bar

There are three options for the main menu layout, which can be set in Layout Preferences or the Panels Configuration window.

  • Show as Button (Default)
  • Show in Caption Bar [the Tabs Bar and the Main Menu cannot both be in the Caption Bar]
  • Show Below Caption Bar

Menus Edit

Top Left Menu Edit

The icon at the top left of the MusicBee window contains a menu with popular items from the other menus. For the similar menu in the Compact Player, see Compact Player.

Bee Menu

Top Left Menu

Main Menu File · Edit · View · Controls · Tools · Help
Other Menus Top Left · Library · Player · Playlist · Columns · Tag Editor
Panel Options The Anatomy of MusicBee · Library Navigation · Track Information · Visualizations
Main Panel Views Tracks · Album and Tracks · Album Covers · Artists · Custom Views
Other Tabs Bar · Main Menu · Status Bar · Layout Preferences
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