Author: Maleko12

This "How-To" is for Windows 7 64-bit users, so I can't be 100% sure if this will work for Vista/XP.

1. Set your Archos to MSC mode ("Settings> Device storage & USB Connection> USB Connection Mode"), not MTP.

2. Go to [1] and download the program, as Windows does not natively recognize devices in MSC mode.

3. Go to where you placed the program, then right-click on the .exe program and go to properties.

4. Click the Compatibility tab, and under "Run this program in compatibility mode for:" choose "Windows Vista (Service Pack 2)". Click "Apply", then "OK".

5. Right-click on the .exe program, and choose "Run as administrator" (choose OK to the program if a pop-up comes up for administrative use).

6. Follow the instructions, and be mindful on two things:

  • DO NOT CLICK on the box that enables a read-only option, as this disables anything to go on the device itself.
  • DO CLICK on the "automatically assign drive letter when drive first connected" box when prompted.

7. Once finished with installation, connect your Archos 5 IT to the computer. Choose "Mount" when prompted on the Archos 5 IT.

8. Go to MB and sync away!

A few of personal tips (just to help for convenience):

  • The Archos handles a lot of audio codecs, but, unless you have FLAC or WAV as your only lossless codecs, Archos will not play the music file (although it will gladly copy the files over), so transcode those to FLAC, WAV, or a compatible lossy codec (MP3, Ogg, WMA, AAC/AAC+ (except protected media), before syncing.
  • As the Archos cannot ignore the "The" or "A" (or other words related to those) from the beginning of bands, for those who get annoyed with this, click on "Device Settings" (either "Edit> Preferences> Device Settings" or right click device > "Device Settings" and click "Replace artist tab with sort-artist" under the "On-the-fly conversion" section.
  • Also, if you like to see the album art on your device, just in case you don't have them embedded into the music file, head to "Device Settings" and click "copy to folder.jpg" under the "artwork storage" section.