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AppData folder




Root Storage Path



Make sure music bee is fully closed before you do this.

  1. open file explorer (windows explorer)
  2. type in the address bar %appdata%
  3. press enter
  4. open MusicBee folder
  5. open MusicBeeSettings.ini in notepad
  6. press ctrl+f
  7. type in your phones name exactly as it appears in musicbee (pay attention to capitals)
  8. scroll down and find the setting <RootStoragePath>[Phone Name]\Phone\</RootStoragePath>

you need to change the path to the location of where you want your music to be stored on the phone, this should be as it appears in windows. Mine is a samsung s7 edge so in music bee i have:

Phone Name


-other default locations...




--In here i have made a folder called music (using windows explorer)

So the root storage path needs to emulate how the SD card is presented in windows explorer

<RootStoragePath>[Phone Name]\Card\</RootStoragePath>

Save the file > open music bee and check device settings to see the new location in the storage path property field. I suggest not clicking on it though in case it tries to auto detect the default path again.

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