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Plugin author: Steven


Plugin adds Milkdrop visualizer to MusicBee.

How to useEdit

Extract content of archive to plugins subfolder of MusicBee installation folder (e.g. to "c:\program files\musicbee\plugins"). You should end up with:

c:\program files\musicbee\plugins\vis_milk2.dll
c:\program files\musicbee\plugins\Milkdrop2\...
c:\program files\musicbee\plugins\Microsoft.VC90.CRT\...

When you start MusicBee you should see MilkDrop 2.2 in the list of visualizers.

NOTE 1 Edit

If it doesn't work, some Windows 7 users may need to install DirectX 9.0 runtimes.

NOTE 2 Edit

In my own testing, i did have rare cases where the MilkDrop visualizer failed with a "out of memory" error for no apparent reason. You need to restart MusicBee and all should be OK again.

NOTE 3 Edit

It doesn't work in Windows 7 "desktop mode".


  • In V3.1.6512, many Milkdrop command keys are broken[1]
  • In V3.1.6512, screen saver can cause Milkdrop to fail and MusicBee to crash [2]


You need to exit MusicBee and manually delete all files that were included in plugin .zip.