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Up-to-date with version 3.3.7491

Now Playing behaviour[]

Now Playing Preferences

Playing Tracks list[]

Action when adding tracks using double-click

Chooses what happens when you double click a track in the main panel. The behaviour can be set for when playback is stopped, and also when a track is playing.


  • Play Now: (Default) stops current track and starts new one(s)
  • Queue Next: adds new track next in the Playing Tracks list (this overrides shuffle setting, and will place the track after any others that have been added with the same command)
  • Queue Last: adds new track to the end of the Playing Tracks list (if shuffle is turned on, it is added randomly)

This customization also applies to Quick Tracks in the Notification Tray

'Play Now' action

Choose how the Play Now command affects the Playing Tracks list.

  • clear list and play selected tracks only: clears everything in the Playing Tracks list before adding selected tracks
  • clear list and play album only: clears everything in thelist and adds the whole album of the selected track
  • clear list and play all tracks: (Default) clears everything in the list and adds all tracks from the main panel, starting playback at the first selected track
  • queue selected tracks next and play now: inserts the selected tracks in the next queue position without removing any other tracks in the list

Clear playing tracks list and current playing track on restart - Will empty the Playing Tracks list and current track when MusicBee starts or restarts. (Default: unticked)

Prune played tracks - by default, leaves all played tracks in the Playing Tracks list until it is cleared or they are removed manually. If ticked, will leave the number of tracks you specify and clear older ones. Leaves a minimum of 1 track in the list even if 0 is entered. (Default: unticked)

shuffle settings[]

Choose how you want MusicBee to behave when Shuffle is on.

  • random (Default): truly random
  • different/ --- /same artist: move the slider to control whether MusicBee tries to shuffle more tracks from different artists or the same artists
  • higher rated tracks preferred: MusicBee will play higher rated tracks more often
  • recently added tracks preferred: MusicBee will play newer tracks more often
Select by album

(Default: unticked) Will shuffle whole albums rather than single tracks.

Shuffle album tracks

(Default: unticked) When shuffling by album, will also shuffle the order of tracks on the album.


switch player when playback starts

(Default: unticked) A few seconds after you start playback, MusicBee will go into the selected mode.

  • Compact Player (Default)
  • Mini Player
playback follows cursor

(Default: unticked) Causes MusicBee to play the selected track next, if it is not the track that just finished. See this thread for more information.

Highlight playing track in the playing tracks panel
Highlight playing track in the main panel

(Default: unticked) If ticked, choose how MusicBee marks the playing track in that context.

  • select track (Default): keeps the playing track selected
  • color text: choose a color for the text of the playing track
Show popup for

(Default: ticked) Displays a pop-up showing information about a track when it starts playing, which lasts for the chosen number of seconds. Untick to suppress the pop-up.

only when inactive

(Default: ticked) Unticking this makes the pop-up appear even when MB is the active window.

show in task bar as :

scroll in player as :

(Default: ticked and configured to display <Artist> - <Title>) This controls how MusicBee will show info for the playing track in that context.

skip count +1

(Default: less than 0% of track played or 20 seconds) Choose when MusicBee advances the skip count. By default, will advance if less than 20 seconds is played.

play count +1

(Default: more than 50% of track played of 240 seconds) Choose when MusicBee advances the play count. By default, will advance if more than 50% of the track is played OR if more than 4 minutes of a track is played. (If the plugin is active, this value is fixed.)


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