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Now that MusicBee 3.0 is well into beta, the wiki is getting a long overdue update. Please forgive the mess!

Welcome to the MusicBee Wiki! Edit

This is MusicBee's user-created documentation site. If you're just checking things out, here are some recommended pages:

If you're looking for something specific and can't find it by browsing, try the search box at the top. The search engine itself is limited, but typing in a keyword should bring up a drop list of related articles. Or you can try a Google search within the site.

If you have a specific situation you need help with, your questions are welcome at the MusicBee Forum.

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Feel free to jump in if you see something that's incomplete or incorrect. We welcome all contributions. Just be sure you're on the Latest Update before making corrections. MusicBee's developer is super active and changes happen daily.

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