Author: RekoChett

Forum Thread:

HEY!  So, after a little bit of trail and error, I figured out how to play stations from with MusicBee!

  • Once you're on that page, you're going to want to right-click anywhere and select Inspect Element or use either of the keyboard shortcuts CTRL+SHIFT+I or F12.
  • Once you open the that, press CTRL+F in the Elements section and look for jp_audio.
  • Look for the link to the right on the SAME line of code.  Should be the last thing you see.  Looks like src=XXXXXX where the X's are the actual URL.  In this case, mine was;
  • Double click on that link (don't worry, it won't open anything).  It should select the thing you clicked on, because it's smart like that!  Copy that URL.
  • Go to the Radio section in MusicBee and right-click empty space (or right-click the Radio button) and select New Station.
  • In the stream url field, paste that URL you copied earlier!  Make sure you tidy up the URL if needed!  In this case, we're going to remove the ";" at the end of our link.
    •; ->
  • MusicBee should automatically detect and enter information when you click away from the text field, but just in case you want a different title and such, you can do that too.  (:
  • Click Save then double click on the station you just added and ROCK OUT!  Or chill out..  I mean, you could be doing Chillstep or something.  :b

I hope this helps!  Thanks for this amazing music player!  (: