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Main Player[]

Can be positioned at the top (below the Menu Bar), bottom or in the right panel. Its layout can be simplified using a “flat layout” and its features augmented with spectrum visualization and track rating, all available under “Layout (2)” in Preferences.

The player can be displayed at the top or the bottom of the MusicBee window and/or in either of the sidebars. To relocate the player, right click on top of it and go to Customize Layout, then choose your preferred 'Display in...' option. If the player is at the top or bottom of the window and you also turn it on via the right sidebar "Customize Panel Settings" option, you will have two players.

Player Control Panel shows the current playing track and has buttons to control aspects of plackback. Click the button to show additional information about the current playing track. In addition to the standard play, pause, skip and stop buttons, you can also open the Equalizer Window; start or stop scrobbling to; set the playback repeat mode; and set shuffling on or off. By clicking the button by the shuffle button, you can adjust the way shuffling is done - in addition to random shuffling, you can have MusicBee give bias to higher rated tracks; bias to the same artist; or bias to different artists.

Main article: Playback

You can show the player controls panel in the right sidebar in addition to or instead or of the player panel at the top or bottom of the MusicBee window. If you don't want to have two player control panels showing, move the player to the sidebar by right clicking on the existing player and choosing "Display in ... sidebar" rather than by turning it on through Layout Configuration.

Player controls have the same top/bottom options as wavebar and spectrum visualization. It is always the farthest from the top or bottom of the three. The other two player control options are "show all player controls" and "show progress bar."

show all player controls

(Default: unticked) Displays the same four buttons as the main player: equalizer,, repeat and shuffle. The panel must be a certain width in order for all of them to show correctly. The volume control will collapse to just a button if there is not enough room to display the full volume slider.

show progress bar

(Default: ticked) Untick to hide the progress bar (for instance, if you are using the wavebar as the progress bar).

Here are the sidebar controls with all buttons shown, volume slider collapsed, and no progress bar:

Player wide.png

Sidebar Player[]

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