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Playing Tracks list[]

Shows the playing track and other tracks from the same source. Which other tracks are shown will depend on your settings in Now Playing Preferences and possibly Auto DJ. The default view is a simplified version of Track Detail View.

If shuffle is off and the list is sorted by play order (#), the order can be changed by dragging tracks. You can queue specific tracks next (even if shuffle is on) by right clicking on them and selecting "Queue Next." To tell MusicBee to skip a track, click the blank space where the speaker icon would be in front of it. Queued tracks are marked with their position in the queue and skipped tracks are marked with a minus sign:

Skipped and Queued.png

As long as the Playing Tracks list is in the right sidebar, it will say Now Playing in the sidebar header (marked #3 in the picture). Next to that is the total time of the Playing Tracks list (or, if you click once on the header, the time remaining from the current track to the end of the list). No matter where the Playing Tracks list is, you can always right click on it and access the List menu, which offers a number of special functions:

List menu.png

Playing Tracks Options[]


With the main Now Playing Panel in the right sidebar, these are the additional choices for Playing Tracks list location:

  • Left Sidebar: Functions exactly as in the right sidebar, including header, except that it occupies a position under the navigation panel, like Library Explorer. Also like Library Explorer, you can double click on the header to maximize it to the whole panel (and the same to reduce it again).
  • Main Panel (bottom): Creates a separate section at the bottom of the main panel.
  • Main Panel (playlist): This is not shown in the Layout Configuration options, but if you select the special Now Playing playlist, the list will be removed from any other position in the main window (though not the floating window) and shown in the main panel.
  • Disabled: Unchecking the box in the Layout Configuration screen will disable the list everywhere except in Playlists and the floating window.

If you'd like to have the Playing Tracks list in a floating window while showing other parts of the panel in the main window, set it to Disabled here and use the Now Playing Assistant.


You can change the layout of the list to a version of Album and Tracks view, which looks like this:

Now Playing A+T.png

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