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Preferences Sorting-Grouping

Sorting/Grouping Preferences

Fields in this option group allow to define custom sorting orders, used wherever 'Sort by' option is available in context menus, such as the Configure Columns menu. These orders supplement built-in sorting orders that are available from 'Sort By' menu. Some common sort orders (like 'Album Artist/Album') are provided for you. To define a custom sorting order, click ellipsis (...) button to display the Sorting Set dialog.

ignore words

(Default: The) Any words or characters here will be ignored when sorting by title, artist, or album. All entries are separated by commas (meaning that a comma is the one character you can't tell MB to ignore) and spaces between entries are ignored.


Fields in this option group allow to define what set of files MusicBee treats as an album. Your files may be placed in different places on your hard disk, organized or not, and be tagged in different ways, but MusicBee still needs to know in some contexts (fe. grouping by album in Album view of the main panel), what files constitute an album.

Grouping options allow for flexible album definition: your definition of an album can reflect a physical disk, set of disks sold as one item (multi-disc album, box set) etc.

files for each album are organized in their own folder

If you select this radio button, that means that all files in a single folder on your hard disk make up a single album.

the following fields define an album

(Default: Album Artist & Album Name) If you select this radio button, you can define with the following drop-down fields how an album is defined. A set of files is treated as an album, if all these files have identical values for the all the parameters selected in the drop-down fields.

In the first field you can only select Album Artist (or leave it blank); the value of the second field is fixed to Album Name. In the remaining two fields you can select parameters based on tags (also virtual and custom), file characteristics (fe. bitrate) or MusicBee database field (fe. Play Count).

detect iTunes compilations and treat as Album Artist

(Default: unticked, Various Artists) This field is enabled only when "the following fields define an album" is selected. If this option is selected, MusicBee checks if ITUNES COMPILATION (TCMP) non-standard tag is present in a file and has a value of 1 (you can set this manually in the Settings page of the Tag Editor). If so, and if there is no Album Artist (TPE2) tag present, MusicBee treats this value as the Album Artist for that file (it is not written into the file, only used internally by MusicBee). See also iTunes compilation.


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