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Up-to-date with version 3.0.5992

Status Bar[]

Status Bar

On the left hand side, the status bar will show ongoing processes such as scanning, converting, synchronizing, analyzing, organizing, or backing up files. You can usually open the window for the current process by double clicking in the status bar. Clicking on the X will terminate it (with a confirmation).

On the right-hand side, the status bar shows the number of tracks in the current view (or the current selection), their total size in KB, MB, or GB and their total duration. Clicking this information changes the way the duration is displayed (HH:MM:SS vs decimal numbers). On the far right, you will see the duration of the Playing Tracks list (queued tracks), but only if the total time is less than 24 hours. (You can choose to hide the summary statistics in Layout Preferences.)

Show/Hide Buttons

In Layout Preferences, you can choose to add buttons to the status bar that will show and hide (with auto-open) the left and right sidebars.

  • Hide Buttons (Default)
  • Show Buttons (Open/Close Sidebar Panels)

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