Note: There is now an official MusicBee wifi sync app for Android. See

Up-to-date with version 3.0.5904

Authors: thegammaray, ikonomov, Psychoadept

Direct Method Edit

In order to use this method of syncing, you need to have a rooted Android phone.

  1. Install Samba Filesharing for Android.
  2. Set up Samba and configure settings for external SD Card if needed.
    • For best syncing results, allow Samba to use a wakelock when running. To prevent unnecessary battery drain, you can disable Samba when not syncing.
  3. Open My Computer on the PC, find the device in Network, right click on the network folder inside the device that you want to assign as network drive and select "Map Network Drive...", select a drive letter.
    • If you have configured Samba with a username and password and have trouble logging from Windows, try using WORKGROUP/Username instead of just Username.
  4. Open Musicbee, right-click the network drive in the Computer node, select "Manage Folders" and then "Set X: as a Virtual Device".
  5. Right-click on the virtual device and go into "Device Settings" to configure.

Indirect Method Edit

If your phone is not rooted, you will need to use a two-stage process to sync over wifi.

  1. In MusicBee, create a Virtual Device (found under Preferences > Devices) anywhere on your hard drive and configure it with your desired settings.
  2. On your phone, you will need to install an app like Resilio
    • It is not the only option, but it has been confirmed to work by MusicBee users.
    • By default, Resilio will transfer files through an external relay server (this allows it to sync even remotely). If you prefer, you can set it to using only your LAN.
  3. On your computer, install the desktop client for your chosen sync program.
  4. Configure the folder for your Virtual Device to sync to your phone.
    • Once configured, it should continue to keep the folder synced without your input; you only need to sync from MusicBee to the Virtual Device.
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