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Show Files

Show Files With...

Other Filters Menu

Other 'Files to Edit' Filters

  • Files to Edit Filters
    • Displays files that meet the criteria in a special filter in the main panel.
  • Auto-Tag by Album
    • Hotkey: Ctrl+Shift+T
    • Opens a window with search results from online databases, attempting to match files from an album.
Auto-Tag Menu

Auto-Tag by Track

  • Auto-Tag by Track
    • Identify Track and Update Tags
    • Update Missing Artwork
    • Update Missing Lyrics
    • Update Tags Using Tag Cloud
    • Infer and Update Tags From Filename
Tagging Tools Menu

Tagging Tools

  • Capitalise
    • Capitalises the first letter of all words in major tags for the selected file(s).
  • Remove Tags
    • Clear a tag or tags from all selected tracks.
  • Renumber Tracks
    • Fix track numbering for an album.
  • Search and Replace
    • Hotkey: Ctrl+G
    • Do a search and replace on all fields or a specific field.
  • Reset Play/Skip Count
    • Removes play/skip count data for selected files.
    • Sync Play Count
    • Sync Loved Tracks

Download Artwork Edit

Tools Menu

Tools Menu

Main article: Album Art and Artist Photos

Convert Format Edit

Main article: Convert Format

Manage Duplicates Edit

Main article: Manage Duplicates

Rip CD Edit

Hotkey: Alt+R

Opens the CD ripping window.

Burn Disc Edit

Opens the CD burning window.

Analyze Volume Edit

Hotkey: Ctrl+Shft+V

Analyzes the volume of tracks and sets Replay Gain tags to bring them to the same level.

Restore Original Volume Edit

Removes all Replay Gain tags from selected files.

Advanced Edit

Advanced Tools Menu

Advanced Tools

  • Synchronise Tags...
    • Forces data stored in MusicBee's cache to be written to the ID3 tags of the files themselves (normally this happens automatically, this is just a backup).
  • Rescan All Files
    • Rescans ALL library files. Use only in the case that most or all of the library files (not the locations) have been altered outside of MusicBee. Small batches of files can be rescanned from the Library Context Menu.
  • Reset Artwork Cache
    • Use if a large amount of artwork is having display problems.
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