Author: redwing

First you'll need to install the latest version of Additional Tagging and Reporting Tools plugin and enable it.

Now let's say you want to copy and paste tag values of the following 8 tracks from Amazon's webpage to your files:

Ht c2t 1

For column select, keep holding down control key while you select titles and artists. Right click and select "Copy Text":

Ht c2t 2

Select files and go to "Tools> Tagging Tools> Copy tag" and choose <Clipboard> tag:

Ht c2t 3

The number of tag value lines and that of selected tracks must be the same. Otherwise, the plugin will display an error message.

Each line has been pasted in title field. Now you want to split track number, title and artist field from title field, using the delimiter of period "." and tab character "<tab>".

Go to "Tools> Tagging Tools> Advanced Search and Replace", and find "Split '<Tag 1>' to tags '<Tag 2>', '<Tag 3>', '<Tag 4>'" preset. Select the tracks and configure the preset pane as follows:

Ht c2t 4

This is what you wanted to have:

Ht c2t 5

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