Author: KeinerEiner

I use MusicBee as an Internet radio player and buy songs that i like from Amazon.

To Use Amazon in MusicBee
select "Edit> Preferences> Layout> Configure File Views> Artist Information".

If you want title-download page add: <Artist>&field-title=<Title>&field-label=&field-browse=&sort=relevancerank&Adv-Srch-Digital-Music-Submit.x=0&Adv-Srch-Digital-Music-Submit.y=0

If you want all albums of the artist add this: <Artist>&field-title=&field-label=&field-browse=&sort=relevancerank&Adv-Srch-Digital-Music-Submit.x=78&Adv-Srch-Digital-Music-Submit.y=11

This works fine for me with German