Virtual tags are tags that are generated dynamically for the purpose of display, sorting/grouping items etc. They are not written to the MusicBee database or to the music files.

Virtual tags can be composed of values of standard tags, custom tags, and a few MusicBee-specific values (fe. Decade).

The purpose of virtual tags is to represent values that are already present in other tag(s), but in a form that is not convenient to use. For example you may want to group Artists by their first letter. Some built-in tags use virtual tag type structures, such as <Album [Year]>. See Special Fields for other built-in virtual tags.

Using virtual tags for display purposes is very fast, but using virtual tags for sorting/grouping may be very slow depending on complexity of formula in the tag.

Creating Virtual Tags Edit

You can create your own virtual tags using the same sort of functions as naming templates. See Useful Virtual Tag Formulas for some examples.

  1. Go to Preferences > Tags (1) > Define New Tags.
  2. Enter a label and formula in one of the boxes in the lower half of the dialog.
  3. Now you can add the field to main panel or use the field for "group by" or "sort by".

Custom Tag Definition


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