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The wavebar is basically a volume map of the current track. It acts as an alternative progress bar, showing where you are in the track by contrast. You can click on it to skip around in the track.

The options for the wavebar are simple: Besides turning it on or off, you can set the wavebar's height in pixels, and you can choose to show it at the top of the bottom of the sidebar. Here's a larger version of the wavebar (height 75 px, with the panel expanded proportionally):

Wavebar big.png

For more wavebar display options, see the Player Panel.

Spectrum Visualizer[]

Spectrum visualization shows what frequencies are being produced at any given moment. It is laid out on an infinitely expandable grid, which you can see when playback is stopped:

Spectrum off.png

Options are the same as for the wavebar. The spectrum bars are always shown closer to top or bottom than the wavebar. Here's the spectrum visualization in action at 75 px:

Spectrum big.png

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